Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

So what have we been up to these past couple of weeks.  To be honest not that much, but a lot all at the same time.  Work has been really insane for me.  My job is great, but it requires a lot of creative energy.  That is what I love the most about it.  I basically get paid to think of creative ideas for a living.  Pretty cool.  I will admit, I was a little worried that after having Perron I would loose my touch.  I was telling my mom that I understood what mommy brain is.  That incessant forgetfulness, the loss of your train of thought in mid-sentence, the inability to focus.  It is all very familiar to me.  But I now realize why mommy brain occurs.  It is because for the rest of my life, I will never be able to focus on just one thing at a time any more.  Thinking about Perron will always be in the back of my mind.  Even when it is just in my subconscious.  So yes, in a way it has made my job harder since I have been back at work.  Harder in the sense that it takes all of my creative energy to focus and come up with the kind of ideas that I am responsible for for my clients.  I can do it, but it definitely is more draining than it was before.  hence why I haven't been able to blog for the past couple of weeks.  Outside of there not being enough hours in the day to get everything done, usually by the time I get Perron in bed my brain is running on empty. 

Add to that the fact that I am taking a photography class every Tuesday night and I am stretched pretty thin.  I am excited about the class.  Stephen and I got a Nikon D3000 for christmas and I really have no idea how to use it.  Right now I basically paid a lot of money for a fancy point and shoot camera.  Hopefully after I finish this class I will know how to use all of the fancy features and will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of photography.  Up next will be a class that is specifically geared to taking picutres of your child.  I DEFINTELY could use some help on that front.  Luckily I have the cutest subject in the entire universe to practice on.

Perron has been doing awesome.  He has been doing such a great job eating.  He is a true boy and will pretty much eat whatever I put in front of him.  He is so happy and cute...always laughing and smiling which melts my heart.  We are still having some napping issues with him.  Yet another reason why I am exhausted.   I feel like the days that I am not at work are spent wrestling with him to get him to nap.  We have finally broke the napping in the swing habit, but we are still having issues.  He is pretty erratic with his schedule and it is a struggle to get him to sleep more than 40-50 minutes at a time.  I am reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby to see if I can get some ideas.  I know there are lots of mommies who read this blog, so if you guys have any advice I would love to hear it.  I feel like it is a struggle to get him down and then once he is down he is not sleeping long enough.  which then leads to him being tired an hour and a half to two hours later...and then the process starts all over again.  It really is exhausting.  It sucks because I feel like I don't get to enjoy my days off with him because we are always in some stage of the going to sleep process.  HELP!  Seriously ladies...any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I will leave you with some precious pictures of our peanut.  He is such a cutie!

An action shot
Mommy why do you have that thing in my face again
Baby smirk
Lounging with daddy
Trying sweet potatoes for the first time
Me boy. Me like food


  1. Hey, Julia! I've heard the Healthy Sleep Habits is a great book. I really liked Good Night Sleep Tight. We were lucky that Max has always been a good sleeper, but she has a cool technique called the Sleep Lady Shuffle that I know friends have had a lot of success with. Good luck! I also think it is really admirable that you are taking time to enjoy the little everyday moments with Perron. It is so easy to take those for granted. And don't count yourself out for more children - you never know what God has planned!

  2. Julia...I have poured over several books in hopes of having Reese on a good routine. The three whose principles I really like (and are all basically the same) are Babywise, Healthy Sleep Habits, and the Baby Whisperer. They all advocate the eat/play/sleep cycle. Personally, the book "Baby Whisperer Solves all your Problems" has been tremendously helpful. We are going through a very similar issue right now where Reese wakes up 45 minutes into his naps and won't go back to sleep. HSH/HC is a great book too, but Baby Whisperer actually gives you troubleshooting ideas and tells you how to do it and the reasoning behind it. Hope that helps and I hope it's just a phase!