Monday, February 15, 2010

And the Award Goes to...

Perron Crigler..officially the cutest baby in the entire world. Now admitidly I am biased, but give me a break...does it get any cuter than this?

or this....
or for that matter...this?
Okay, it is obvious where I am going with this...
but come on give me a break
how can you resist him
he is finger lickin' good
that precious
boy of mine

These were from his six month photo session that Kim Sharit took for us.  She did a great job.  Although with such a precious subject, it is hard to not take great pictures.  But again...I'm biased.


  1. Hey!! It was so good to see y'all again...and yes, such an adorable little subject, made my part super easy!!! See you soon!!

  2. Beautiful!! So happy Perron's doing so well. I love his smile!

  3. Wonderful pictures. He is so cute and I love the family shot

  4. Adorable pictures!!! He is just so cute! Have loved getting to see him recently!!!