Thursday, February 18, 2010

7 Months

Dearest Perron,

I can't believe that you are closer to being one year old then you are to being a newborn.  Where do the days go?  This has been a busy month for you and you have accomplished quite a few firsts.  You are eating "solid" food like a champ and will eat anything that we put in front of you.  So far, you have tried sweet potatoes, pears, peas, prunes, carrots, squash, and apples.  We gave you a couple of puffs tonight to see how you would do.  You weren't quite sure what to do with them, but I am sure you will get there soon.  All of the eating is turning you in to such a big boy.  You weigh 13 lbs 5 ozs.  We took you to the GI doctor and they measured you and you were 26 inches long!  You are in size 2 diapers and you wear a broad range of clothing sizes, anywhere from a 0-3 month all the way up to 6 months depending on what it is.

You are cutting your first tooth and it is so cute.  You will NEVER let us get a good look at it, but we can definitely feel its little jagged edge when you put our fingers in your mouth.  I had to take you to the doctor on Monday and it took the nurse practitioner holding your head, me holding your hands, and the pediatrician pushing your tongue back with a tongue depressor.  We only got to see a little tiny glimpse of it and right now it really just looks like little holes in your gum.  The reason we were at the doctor is because you have also had your first cold this month.  You have been a trooper, but you haven't felt great.  Your nose has been really stuffed up and it has required quite a bit of suctioning...which you hate.

You also had your first snow.  You really were not all that interested, especially since you were sick, but we dressed you up in your bear outfit and took you out there anyway.  You have gotten so good at playing with your toys and entertaining yourself.  You finally can actually play with your first toy and you absolutely love it.  Your new favorite toy of all times is your exersaucer jumparoo.  Last Friday I put you in it and was jumping around and you started to copy me and began jumping too.  Needless to say, you have been jumping ever since.  You have also discovered your feet for the first time and you spend the majority of your day trying to figure out ways to get them in your mouth.  You are getting so strong and are doing really well with sitting up on your own.  You can sit unassisted for several seconds before toppling over.

Your napping is still a major source of stress in mommy's life.  You are really difficult to get down and then you typically only sleep for 30-50 minutes.  We have a plan from a sleep consultant that I am working with so we will start enacting that plan tomorrow.  I have a feeling that this whole process is going to be harder on me then on you.  We will see.  You have also decided that you don't love sleeping through the night anymore.  Daddy and I are praying that this trend is just because you have been sick and teething.  Daddy and I are TIRED!

We are so proud of how good you are doing and how independent you are getting.  You are a beautiful, smiling joyful spirit and it makes your daddy and I so happy.  This whole blog has been my love letter to you, but I don't know if I will ever adequately be able to put into words how much we love you and what you mean to us.  You are our true joy and reason for being.

We love you more everyday!

Mommy and Daddy

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