Sunday, September 19, 2010

14 Months

Dearest Perron,

Where has the time gone.  Mommy has turned into quite a slacker on the blog, but I promise to get better.  I have been having a really hard time with burn-out at work and it is spilling over into all areas of my life.  I feel like by the time I get you down for bed, I have nothing left to give.  That has meant that the blog has had to suffer.  I know this is just a phase though and I will be back in the swing of things soon.  Okay, enough boring stuff about mommy, we know the reason people come here.  Daddy and I CAN NOT believe that you are already fourteen months.  I said that the other day and it sounded so old.  You are definitely not our tiny little baby anymore, but rather our big, strong, independent boy.  You have been so busy recently, so it will be hard to think of what all you have been doing.

You are on the go constantly!  You can stand for extended periods of time unassisted and you can easily sit down from a standing position.  You are on the verge of walking full time.  We went to your friend Ethan's house last night and you were a walking machine.  I think he inspired you since he is ten days younger than you, but walking all over the place.  You have not wanted to walk today, but at Austin's birthday party you walked all the way through Gymboree just holding one of my hands.  Everyone was very impressed.  I think that we will have a full fledge walker by the end of this month.  We are so proud of you!

You are getting so good with all of your fine motor skills.  You can pick things up out of a bucket and put them back into the bucket.  You are also starting to be able to stack things if they are big enough.  You have a little farm truck that has two pins (pens?), a horse and a dog.  You love to pick the dog and horse up and then put them back in their pens.  You still love your music table and the learning farm that Grammy and Grandpa got you for your birthday.  You have finally gotten very interested in books and will pick them up and bring them over to us to read to you.  Your favorites are Big Little, Shake it Up Baby, and Good Morning Good Night.  You are obsessed with your blue car that MamaCrig and Grandaddy got for you.  You crawl over to it and pull yourself up and then turn around and ask to be put in in.  We go on car rides at least once a day.

You still are not talking much.  Well, let me correct myself.  You talk all the time, but you don't really say any words.  Your four main sounds are gaga, dada, giga, baba.  Those four sounds can mean up to forty words.  I do think you know what gone gone means, because every time you finish your milk I say gone gone and you repeat back something that sounds like gone gone.  You also can say dada fairly reliably, but it is still hit or miss.  We know it will all come in time.

Meaghan has been working with you on your baby sign language very hard.  You now know what more means and use it all the time....especially when it comes to eating.  You LOVE Meaghan and we are so lucky to have her as a part of our family.  She does such a good job taking care of you and you love her so much.  You are still loving to eat and will literally eat whatever we put in front of you.  I have only found one things that you do not like...hummus.  You take after your daddy.

You have been such a joy to watch blossom these past few months, as you have been all your life.  You are such a sweet precious spirit.  Your daddy and I hope you never loose that.

We love you to the moon!

Mommy and Daddy