Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Update

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update before I have to run and pump again. (at least the one positive is that I don't have to dump anymore) Stephen and I are mentally, physically and emotionally drained after the events of today. I feel like I have been hit by a bus...and I must admit that I look like it too. Things with Perron are holding steady. His lab work came back good. He is not anemic and his white blood cell count is not pointing to infection. They have gone ahead and cultured him out just to make sure. Please pray that it is not an infection. He hasn't had any more brady's since this morning, although now that we know anything is possible I am not going to count on it not happening again. I am trying to stay positive but this day has been very difficult. I cry at a moments notice and usually without warning. I am torn between wanting him home so badly that I can taste it and wanting him to be okay and stay in the hospital. It is a horrendous emotional limbo to live in.

He was really in a tizzy this evening when we went in to see him. On top of having the brady, an IV line put in, and a blood draw for the culture, he was circumcised today. He had wet his diaper and his vasaline gauze had fallen off and he was screaming bloody murder. I was trying to change his diaper and couldn't figure out how to get the vasaline on without touching his little wee-wee. He peed on himself and his blankets while I was trying to figure it out and so then I had to change him. It was enough to almost bring both mommy and Perron to tears. Luckily as soon as I got him changed and scooped him up for a snuggle he stopped crying and went to sleep. Bless his heart. It has been a bad day for everyone involved! Please continue to pray for us!


  1. So glad to hear that labs came back good!! That's a step in the right direction!! And I couldn't help but smile at the vaseline thing - I remember that same feeling! It must be a rite of passage with boys. We seriously used about half a tube of vaseline with each changing...and asked for a lot of it to take home.
    Anything we can do to help, let us know. We love you!

    Katie N

  2. I've been out of pocket on vacation, but I've continued to pray for you all. SO HAPPY for no dumping!! I feel ya there completely. I will pray for no more As & Bs as well. It's no easier on you, but it's better for it to happen at the NICU than at home. He'll be home so soon, and you'll have tons of snuggle time! Love to you all! Call me if you need to chat!

  3. Praying for sweet little Perron!! I know that this morning was incredibly scary for you guys. Praise the Lord that he was in the NICU with lots and lots of people that know how to best care for him right now. He'll be home soon enough! Love!!!

  4. Julia, Prayers are coming your way! Perron and his family are in my thoughts and prayers continually. You are already such a great mother, and though I know this isn't how you expected it all to start - I can already see you sitting down Perron's girlfriend one day and telling her the story of when you were trying to put Vasaline on his little wee-wee. That made me smile. Hang in there kiddo - Perron is in great care, and he's growing stronger each and every day... and so are you. Give yourself a hug - Orr

  5. Julia - I just started following your blog! You have my thoughts and prayers every day - you hang in there! You will be able to take your sweet angel home soon. Thinking of you!

    BTW - the part about "barking at Stephen like a drill sargent" totally reminded me of our rush days in college. He loves it! Y'all hang in there!!! Stay strong, Sister!