Saturday, August 8, 2009

Many Firsts

Well we have been home with Perron for 2 and half days and it is going really well. We are excited to have him home and he seems to be adjusting well. Diana continues to be a godsend and we have had lot of good nights of sleep thanks to her. Stephen's parents come in town tomorrow for the first time since they saw him in the hospital the day he was born. He is very excited about that and we are glad that they are getting to spend time with him outside of the craziness of the NICU. The only bummer is that in the madness of the transition between the hospital and home I have lost my keys...all of them! We have searched every where and called the hospital a million times hoping that they will show up. I just know the second we go through the process of getting all new keys they will show up again.

I have turned in to a Japanese tourist and have taken like six billion photos since he has been home. He has had so many firsts...first time in a car seat, first time in a pack n' play, first bath, first playmat experience, etc. We also had a little family photo shoot out on the back porch today. I was sick of having pictures where I looked fat and disgusting with no make-up and bad hair. Ah the joys of mommyhood. I hope you all like the pictures...just warning you there are a ton of them...and this is a fraction of what has been taken!


  1. Julia - congrats on your new baby. I'm a writer for Disney Family Group, and am working on an article about IUGR. I came across your blog in the course of my research, and was wondering if you'd be willing to be interviewed for the article. We can do it via email, just a couple of questions, and you can even remain anonymous if you'd prefer. I'm interested because our take home message is to be that most cases of IUGR turn out well, as yours did. Please contact me via email, for more information and my references.

  2. I love all the pictures! Keep them coming. He is so beautiful and I love how your house is all babied up now. :) When can I come and see you both? I tried to post on your last story but I was laughing and falling off my chair that it didn't work. Tell Mr. Biceps my image of him is ruined! hehe


  3. So sweet! Love all the pics! And you are right girl-> when you start feeling overwhelemed... go take a shower and put on some make-up. You are a good southern girl and that ALWAYS makes you feel better!! : ) Blessing to you all!!

  4. Recently came across your blog, and what a beautiful little man! Prayers and hugs to him and his family.