Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventures in Poop

I feel like I could write a multi-chapter novel entitled "Adventures in Poop". Perron had been home for almost three weeks and we have had so many of these so called adventures that I have lost count. I am going to hit some of the highlights for you.

Prelude: There was a little known adventure in poop that happened before Chapter 1. The day we brought Perron home he was wearing this beautiful blue gown my mom and dad had got for him. Stephen was holding him in his lap and his little gown was pulled up around his waist (thank God!) and the next thing we knew Perron had projectiled poop out of his diaper and right on to Stephen's shorts. If we were more experienced, we would have seen this as foreshadowing of what was to come.

Chapter 1: Y'all have already read this chapter. It was one of Stephen's original Adventures in Poop.

Chapter 2: I am changing his diaper at 5 am one morning. He had already pooped, but I had at least learned that that does not mean anything. I was ready for him with my cat like reflexes, but he threw me a curve ball...literally. I was ready to catch the poop as it rocketed out of his behind, but he tricked me and some how managed to shoot it sideways towards the wall. Needless to say, that adventure ended with a middle of the night load of laundry and a wrestling match with the Diaper Champ which was convienently completely full when I am trying to get rid of the three poop diapers it took to contain this adventure.

Chapter 3: Stephen was working the first night shift and I was sleeping peacefully with no idea what would greet me when I woke up. Perron had embarked on another adventure and had pooped all over his clothes, the changing pad liner, and his swaddling blanket..which is affectionately referred to as the shankapotomaus (re: E*Trade baby commerical) blanket. Stephen was able to wrestle the poop, but was sweet enough to put all of the nasty poop covered items in Perron's laundry basket to wait for me. Luckily, he did at least remember to mention that they were in there.

Chapter 4: Bathtime. I was getting Perron undressed for bath and he had...wait for it...pooped (are you seeing a trend here)... I was saying to Stephen "Oh I hope he doesn't poop in the bath tub." Oh sweet, sweet naive mommy. he had pooped twice so I thought for sure he was done. WRONG! HE POOPED IN THE BATHTUB! How gross is that? It was a mess and Perron was very upset that I was having to dangle him cold and wet over the bathtub as daddy tried to drain the water out of the tub and clean it. PS. Poop really stinks a lot more when it hits the open water.

Chapter 5: Last night Stephen was getting Perron ready for bed and I was about to go to the grocery store. All I hear from the bedroom is "POOP...HELP!!!". Perron had shot poop all over his clothes and his changing pad. Stephen needed my help getting Perron's clothes off because we were going to have to pull the poop covered clothes over his head. As I was in there trying to wrestle off his clothes, he starts flailing around and lands guessed it POOP! So now he has poop and Bourdeaux's Butt Paste all over himself. So an emergency bath was arranged and I ran to start getting his tub ready. Next thing I know, all I hear is "PEE!". Perron had shot a fountain of pee that almost hit his bookshelf. So we then had to bathe him, clean the furniture, take all fabric items off of the changing table and get to our emergency bath.

So, those are the chapters that I have to share for now. I am sure there will be many more (and in fact there are many that I have left out of my novel). Stay tuned for the latest update.

On a more serious note, we went for our 1 month pediatrician appointment this morning. Perron is weighing in at 5 lbs 14ozs. Can you believe it? He is almost 6 lbs. He is 19.5 inches long and his head is actually now big enough to be on the growth chart. We are so proud of how well he is growing. We are continuing to supplement and breastfeed. It is a lot of work for mommy but it is totally worth it. We are afraid that the Labatelol that I had to take might have permanently damaged my milk supply, but we are giving it some more time. Dr. Gilbert said that she was going to be extra restrictive with our activities this fall and winter due to the swine flu, the regular flu and RSV. Unfortunately, there will not be many public Perron sightings until the spring. I am disappointed because a. I am stir crazy and b. I want to show off my cute baby, but more than anything I want him to be healthy so we will do whatever she says. He will start getting a specially antibody injection for RSV beginning in October and will continue to get that through May. Hopefully that will help protect him some! Otherwise, he is doing great and we could not be more in love with our little man!

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  1. I have tears in my eyes laughing so hard at these stories. Hilarious!

    I'm glad Perron's doing so well. I knew he would get big really fast! Believe me, I know about being holed up in your house -- just take lots of pictures of him in his cute outfits. I can't tell you how many Sunday dresses Blair has that she never wore anywhere but at home. We are once again on lockdown (already!) for the winter since the flu decided to make an early appearance around here (in full force might I add!). Thankfully Blair can get flu shots and qualifies to get synagis again this year, so that will help. I hope you have good insurance -- there's nothing inexpensive about those shots!