Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1 Month Old

Dear Perron,

How fast the time flies. It feels like we were just in the hospital yesterday scared about how you would do and scared about mommy being sick. Now we have blinked our eyes and you are already a month old. Everyone told us how fast the time would go by, but I don't think you really believe it until you are experiencing it first hand. We have had you home from the NICU for two weeks now and it is amazing how much you have changed just in those two weeks. First of all, when we were at the doctor's office yesterday you weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs 10 ozs! (*Disclaimer: you had just eaten 3 ozs. so that probably accounted for some of it.) Everyone comments on how good your weight gain is and I definitely think you have your daddy's hollow leg. Just looking at you I can see how much your face has changed. You have already grown out of two of your preemie outfits, but I don't think we are ready for ready for your newborn gear quite yet. We have a pack and a half of preemie diapers left and then we are going to test out the newborn diapers...hopefully they will keep you from wetting your clothes so much :) We go through at least two and usually three outfits a day. Mommy feels like she is either washing laundry or washing bottles 24 hours a day. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Everyone comments on how much you look like your daddy and I tend to agree, but you definitely have your mommy's mouth. When we first came home from the NICU you hadn't "found your lungs" yet, but guess what...in the past week or so you have definitely located them. It is amazing how loud of a sound can come out of such a little body. Luckily you are a good baby and don't fuss unless you need something.

There are lots of things that you love to do.

1. Bouncy Seat: This was the first toy that we introduced you to and you have really grown to love it. You will just sit in it and stare at the toys for forever. You love the snail that dangles from the toy bar and we saw you intentionally reach for it the first time the other day.

2. You are finally big enough for a swing. After your daddy struggled for two hours to put it together for you when we got home, we found out that you couldn't use it until you were five and a half pounds. You are just like your mommy and love to swing. It usually puts you to sleep in five minutes.

3. Speaking of sleep, we have moved you to your big boy bed and you have done so well. Daddy and mommy (especially mommy) were having a hard time sleeping with you in our room because we wanted to check on you every little noise you made. Now we take you in shifts and daddy watches you from 8:30 until around 12:30 and then mommy has you if you wake up from 12:30 on. You won't understand this until you have children one day, but four consecutive hours of sleep can feel like an eternity if you were used to only getting an hour and a half at a time! You sleep very well for a newborn though and usually only get up two times a night for feedings.

4. Adventures in poop: We have had several more adventures in poop since you came home. The other night you decided you wanted to store up all your poop for the day and then let it loose on mommy at 5am. Needless to say that little trick earned you two new diapers, a new outfit, a early morning load of laundry, and mommy cussing at the diaper champ because it was full and she was having to change it out with poop every where. How you have learned to shoot your poop sideways is totally beyond me. Our other adventure in poop happened last night when you mangaged to poop in your whale bath tub. It was really gross and as your daddy mentioned, it is amazing how much more it stinks when it is floating in water.

You continue to be the light of our lives and as we get ready to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary, we can't believe how much our lives have changed. One day you are planning a wedding and the next thing you know you are lying in bed (exhausted may I add) with a precious newborn down the hall from you. What a miracle and a blessing God has given us! We love you!

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  1. Julia, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying this glimpse into your little family's life. I can just hear your voice through the blogs and I'm so impressed by how well you've seemed to handle everything that has been thrown at you over the past year. I'm glad you've held onto your faith through these roughest times and my whole family has been praying for you and Stephen. Keep the blogs and pictures coming! I'm loving them!