Friday, June 5, 2009

The Saga of the Cyst Continues

So Stephen and I went in this morning to have a follow-up ultrasound of the cyst they found in my right ovary in May. I still have had some tenderness in the area, especially when Perron kicks me there, but I was sure that it had gone away. Wrong! It is still there. Luckily it is the same size, but now apparently it is a solid mass. I don't know if that meant it was a solid mass all along and they just assumed that it was fluid filled, or if it was fluid filled at one time and then became a solid mass. The good news is it hasn't grown in 6 weeks. I talked to the doctor (not my regular doctor) and she said that there was not anything that they could do during the pregnancy and that I shouldn't worry about it (yeah right). She said I would have to have another ultrasound 6 weeks after I had the baby to determine if it had grown any more. She said there would be two different methods of treatment. They would either continue to monitor it via ultrasound or they could go in a look at it laproscopically. She said if it had not grown at all she would probably recommend keeping an eye on it with ultrasounds. I go back on the 15th for my 30 week appointment and she said to talk to Dr. Edwards about what he thought was the right thing to do then. I asked like one million times (seriously you can ask Stephen) if they thought it was ovarian cancer and she kept telling me no....but I am still a tiny bit freaked out. Regardless, there is nothing they can do about it now and we will just have to play the waiting game a little bit longer.

As for Perron, we got to see him and get some pictures as well, which is nice. He appears to be doing good and it cute as a little button. We is already head down and is kind of curved like a C with his butt on my left and his feet, elbow and hands on the that he can always kick mommy on her sore ovary. I am measuring right at 28 and a half weeks, which is great. We did get a little bit of sad news about our 4D ultrasound. It appears that in his current position my placenta (and his hands)is almost completely blocking his little face. She switched it to the 4D view for a minute to show us what we would see. You could barely see a tiny little part of his face...mainly placenta. We are still going to go and try on the 17th, but we will now just be prepared knowing we might not really get to see him that well. She said to drink a lot of caffeine and eat a lot of carbs at lunch to try and get him moving around. She said if we could get him to arch his head back we could get around the placenta. Keep your fingers crossed that he will cooperate.

We leave for the beach on Sunday for a whole week. We are going to stay at the Grand Hotel in Fairhope for three nights and then head to Destin for David's wedding. I am excited to have a whole week off work (even though I already have two conference calls scheduled). I will have lots of fun pictures to share when we get back.

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