Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4D Ultrasound

Stephen and I got to experience the 4D ultrasound today and it was awesome! We were so afraid that the placenta would completely block his face and we wouldn't get any good shots. Luckily we were wrong. He had his arms blocking his face the majority of the time, but we still got some cute pictures with only a little shadowing from the placenta. He has the most precious little nose and lips. During the ultrasound he was sticking out his tounge and drinking his amniotic fluid.

Psychologically it was really good for me to see him and was surprised by how much better it made me feel. Seeing him as little person helped me understand that even if he did come early that he was a fully formed little human and would be able to make it. That being said....he still better stay in there for several more weeks! I go to the doctor first thing tomorrow morning, so keep your fingers crossed for good news. I was able to go into work for 3 hours today and that went pretty well. I figure if i can do that for a little while then I will be able to get a good amount done.

Okay, enjoy your sneak peek of baby Perron. We love him so much already!!!


  1. What a cutie! I can imagine that the ultrasound made you feel better, since he's so happy and safe in there! He looks great; I look forward to seeing him in real life -- not too soon though!!

  2. Look at that wee little face!!! So cute!