Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's A Boy!!!!

Stephen and I had our ultrasound yesterday morning. I was a nervous wreck and cried the whole time because I was afraid something might be wrong with him. At one point, the ultrasound tech told me I had to calm down because being that stressed out wasn't good for the baby. After what happened to my co-worker at their ultrasound though, I couldn't help feeling nervous. Luckily, Baby Boy Crigler is healthy and happy at this point. Stephen and I are so blessed and grateful to God that he has given us this miracle. After being afraid that we might not be able to have children, this day was a very special treat. I must admit, I am already a proud mommy and I think our baby has what might be the most precious profile in the whole world. He also is apparently all boy and very proud of "his stuff" as you will be able to see in the pictures. I am almost a little embarrassed to show them...and that is saying a lot since y'all know I am not that modest.

Stephen is thrilled that he is going to have a little boy to take hunting and fishing and play sports with. I am sure our baby's first words will not be mama or dada, but rather Roll Tide. Enjoy the first glimpse you are getting of Baby Boy Crigler!


  1. OK-you are the cutest pregnant girl EVER!!! And I think I agree with you---baby Crig has the cutest profile!!! He is SOOO cute! I am so excited to see you in a few weeks!!! Love-Laura

  2. I agree -- what a precious profile! I love the pics and am glad to see that he's happy and healthy!

  3. Oh - he is sooooo sweet. I am so happy it was all good news and everything is on course. Baby boys are the sweetest! Big congrats from the Nelson fam!!


  4. He is beautiful and such a sweet face. We are so excited!!!
    You look so cute pregnant. I am anxious to see you in person. I know Stephen is so happy and proud.
    I love you both,
    Linda alias Mama C

  5. Love the pictures! You guys will definitely enjoy have a little man around the house! Never a dull moment! Can't wait to meet your baby boy! You are continuously in our prayer as your baby boy grows! We are so happy for you both!
    Katie and Harris (Tucker too!)

  6. Congratulations Julia and Mr. Biceps! Thanks for letting me post about the Scrap Etc Event. I am trying to win a free spot and I wanted to get the word out. Wish me luck and I will make a scrapbook for little baby Crigler.