Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Beginning

Well, I have decided to take the plunge and jump into the wonderful world of baby blogs. I always joke that my entire day could be taken up by Facebook,, and reading all my friends baby blogs. I guess it is time to have one of my own.

Life for the current Crigler Crew of 2 has been going very well. I am 15 weeks pregnant as of today. I am starting to show and that is getting exciting. I am starting to get sick of the in between phase of being too big for my close, but not big enough for maternity clothes. While the belly band is quite possibly one of the best inventions possible, even that is starting to get a little uncomfortable. I never realize how many of my pants had buttons and hooks, until I spent day after day having those hooks dig into my stomach.

I have started my tour of daycare centers. A very daunting, but necessary task. I went yesterday to see the Odessy School and was happy with that program. It has two HUGE benefits in its is across the street from work and it has a part-time infant program, which is unheard of. It is a little difficult to realize that you are going to be paying someone else to raise your baby, but I know that it is a necessary step. I really want (and need) to keep working. I am going to check out the Goodard School on Friday and I need to set up a visit at Primrose soon. I am putting off Primrose because it is SOOOOO expensive ($1,013 a month) and they don't have a part-time option for infants. I almost choked when they told me how much it was going to cost! I am blessed that mom is going to be able to help out so much and take care of Baby Crigler for the first 5 months I am back at work!

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  1. Yea!! So glad you guys are now on Blogspot! Can't wait to see all the pictures to come and hear all the great stories! We are so excited for you guys!