Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daycare Decision Done

Hurray! The 2009 tour of daycare's is officially over! I went to see four centers total and viewed my last one this morning. Let's just say it was easy to tell why that one was $200-$300 cheaper per month. We have decided to use The Odyssey School which is right across the street from my office. It was the one that I was hoping would work out from the get-go and I can thank Stephen for finding it for us. It has a part-time infant program,so Baby Crigler will be starting there 3 days a week in the Spring of 2010. My mom will keep the baby 3 day a week until then. Once Baby Crigler hits daycare, I am going to add another part day in the office to my work schedule and mom will help out on that day. This hasn't been officially approved by Tinsley, but I am hoping he likes this schedule. I am still astounded by how much daycare costs...Stephen says we can tell people we are sending Baby Crigler to our summer home when it goes to day care...but I have learned that you really get what you pay for. It is a very small price to pay to insure the health, safety, and happiness of your baby.

I have my four month appointment on Thursday and I think I get to schedule my ultrasound at that time. We should be aiming for having it either the week of 3/23 or the week of 3/30. I will keep everyone posted. I had a co-worker recently get a devastating diagnosis through their ultrasound and that reminded me that they are not just given to find out the sex of the baby. I have been nervous, but when am I not. Pray that Baby Crigler is healthy and will cooperate and let us figure out if it is a girl or boy!

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