Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

That's right! Perron rolled over from front to back for the first time this afternoon. My best friend from college, Megan, sent us a great Baby Einstein play mat (thanks Aunt Megan!!!) and we were checking it out. It has this great little light up aquarium thing that has these flashing lights and plays a bunch of music. Perron was laying on his stomach for tummy time and I was sitting on the couch folding laundry. I was watching him watch the flashing lights and next thing I know he just launches himself over to his back. I yelled, Stephen jumped up to see it for himself, and Perron probably looked the most startled of all of us. None of us could believe it. He is getting so big. For someone who is technically only 5 weeks old today, he is really physically very mature. We also have possibly turned the corner on some of his fussiness. He has been much happier the past two days. He is starting to REALLY get interested in looking around and looking at his toys. His new fascination is looking at himself in the mirror. We have a mirror above his car seat and (if he is not screaming his head off) he loves to stare at himself in the mirror. He also is starting to try to imitate some of my facial movements. If I stick my tongue out at him, he concentrates really hard and tries to stick his tongue out back at me. So cute! It is amazing how fast they grow up!

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  1. Yea!!! Go Perron!!! So exciting to hear about all he is doing and how he is growing!!