Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Next Michael Phelps

Perron had his first swim lesson this morning.  He absolutely loved it, looked adorable, and was such a good swimmer.  Stephen had been a little afraid that he would cry, but I knew that he loved bath time way to much to not like the pool.  Luckily I was right and he enjoyed every second of it.  In fact, there were 11 babies in our class and not a single one cried.  You might be catching glimpses of the future Olympic swimming team!  Enjoy a sampling of some of the 90+ pictures that Stephen took of us this morning.

PS  I am sure Perron will be mortified when he looks back at these pictures and realizes I was the only mom in a bikini at his swim class.  Oh well!  I don't own anything else.


  1. This looks like such fun! These are fantastic pictures of you two! He won't be embarrassed -- you look just as fabulous as you did 10 years ago!

  2. Perron is adorable, and it looks like he had fun. As for your attire, I say sport the bikini for as long as you can! I'm jealous! After this pregnancy, I might be done with bikinis - Ha! :)