Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm Back

So I have been totally unmotivated to blog these last several weeks.  I have not been able to find any inspiration, nor have I had the energy to try and be witty.  I do however, feel extreme guilt for not posting (that is the good Catholic girl in me) and feel like I should at least string a bunch of random thoughts together.  So  what have we been up to?  Nothing and a lot of things all at the same time.  Stephen's work is really cranking up so he has been busy.  While his tax season is absolutely nothing like what we experienced when he was in public accounting, he still is pretty busy.  He does tax returns as a side business, so he pretty much locks himself in the office as soon as the baby is in bed each night.  I'm not going to is sometimes nice to have the remote to myself.  Between Perron's fascination with it and Stephen's possiveness over it, it is very rare that I get a chance to hold it. Perron is such a big boy in training, that we have had to give him one of our old remotes as one of his very own.  Don't tell daddy...but sometimes I still let him old the fancy computerized remote.  My work has been relatively busy and I have been a bit burned out recently so I am hopeful that I will come out of my funk soon.

Perron starts daycare in one week.  His first day is the Monday after Easter and he will be going three days a week.  I am a little nervous, but I think that once we both get adjusted to it we will settle in nicely.  I just hope that he will nap while there.  He is doing much better on that front, but still not great.  While I can lay him in his bed and he will put himself to sleep at night, he still needs to be rocked completely to sleep to go down for a nap.  I know...I know...this is a situation of my own creation, but I don't have the energy to change it.  He will at least take one nap a day that is an hour to an hour and a half long.  We are still on a three nap a day schedule though.  We have had major interruptions in his night time sleep thanks to his second tooth coming through.  It finally broke the surface last weekend, so he finally slept through the night again all this week.  AMEN!

Other than that nothing much, we are still doing swim lessons and those are going great.  He had his Easter pictures taken last week and he looked so cute.  We ended up having to do two sessions because it was so cold the first session he REFUSED to smile the entire session.  I decided I definitely did not spend that much money for him to look pissed beyond belief in every picture, so we went ahead and had then re-taken.  He did much better the second time around and would even play with the bunnies that Kim had.  By playing with them, I basically mean grabbing their ears and squeezing the you-know-what out of their little heads.  Hopefully the rabbits will forgive him. 

We have also been able to take him to church for the past two weeks, which has been so nice.  He did awesome the first week and did pretty good this time.  He was a little fidgety and fussy, so I ended up trying to listen to the sermon in the narthex.  I am not 100% sure how much I got out of the situation, but it was still good to be back in church.  I am not going to lie, they had been sending us mailings that bordered on harrassment :) trying to persuade us to come back to church.  Between my difficult pregnancy and Perron not being able to be out in public, it had been almost a year since we had been in church.  I had really missed it.  I also want Perron to understand the importance of going to church and I want us to go regularly just like Stephen and I did when we were growing up.

I know this post is missing a key with Stephen working on returns every night, my time on the home computer is limited and I don't keep pictures on my work computer.  I promise I will get some new ones up here soon!

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