Friday, July 17, 2009


We just got some good news! We were afraid that we were going to have to deliver Perron tonight, but they are letting us wait until tomorrow at lunch time to make a decision. My labs came back stable. All of the things that were wrong before are still wrong, but they are at least holding steady and not deteriorating. They are going to re-take all of my labs first thing in the morning and see what is happening. They also will send my 24 hour urine collection to the lab to check for protein in the urine. Right now they are waviering between it just being pregnancy induced hyper-tension or if it is truly preeclampsia. They said that the 24 hour urine collection is definitely the best way to determine preeclampsia, when looked in combo with my labs.

Perron has been doing well on the monitors. We had a full ultrasound again and he is still measuring very very small. The big problem right now is that his amniotic fluid index dropped pretty significantly between Tuesday and went from 12to 7.5. That is a sign of distress so I believe they will check that again tomorrow morning as well.

If I do get to be released tomorrow afternoon, I will be on STRICT bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I also think he said I would have to have the Contraction Stress Test every three days, but I might have been confused. Whatever is the situation we definitely think that when we deliver him we will be delivering him via a c-section.

None of this is great news, but things do not look nearly as bad as they did at around 11am this morning when my blood pressure was 150 over 100. YIKES! Please continue to pray for us, we still need all the help we can get and we are definitely not out of the woods yet. It has been hard because this whole process (really this whole pregnancy) has been such an emotional roller coaster. Just when i feel like things are okay we are thrown another curve ball. Please pray that he continues to do well on the monitors and starts to grow. Pray that my blood pressure continues to stablize and my labs and urine come back good.

Thank you all again for your love and support!


  1. Hey Julia! Terra gave me this link so I could keep up with you. Just wanted to say that everyone here in Savannah is thinking positive thoughts so you can come home and rest until you deliver for real! Love, Love, Love to you and your family. Libbie

  2. Julia, Prayers and and positive thoughts to you and your family, Perron too of course! We are all thinking of you all constantly and you are so brave and good to keep this blog going! We really appreciate the updates! Please rest though and take care of you and that precious little determined boy! We love you and take care! Keep that chin up! Stephen (dad) you too! Stacey

  3. THANK YOU for updating your blog because I've been waiting by the phone to hear what's going on. I will definitely keep the Crigler fam in my prayers. Don't worry honey-my friend had a baby at 35 weeks due to low amniotic fluid levels and even though he was born at around 4 lbs, he is now topping the charts for his weight and height for his age! (at 10 weeks!!!) Perron is going to do awesome! Lots of love is being sent your way! XOXOXOXOXO The Bracci Bunch :)

  4. Loads of prayers are definitely being said for y'all. I know you've had a really rough couple of days but you can only feel better knowing it's out of your control now. Everyone else is going to do their jobs and get you both healthy. I'll be thinking about you and Stephen - let me know if I can do anything, and tell little Perron that he needs to soak up all of that peanut butter, his mamma wasn't eating massive amounts of chicken for HER health! LOVE YOU!