Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi guys! Sorry for the delay in posting an update. It is amazing how quickly the days dissolve away in the hospital. Things are continuing to go well with my health and we are hoping that we can start weaning me off of my blood pressure medication tomorrow. I am not able to save my breast milk for the baby while I am on the BP meds, so I would love to get off of them sooner rather than later. The good news is that they re-drew all of my major labs this morning and everything is back in the range of normal. My platelette counts are still a little low, but they are continuing to improve, which is all that they need to do at this point.

Emotionally I am holding up pretty well. I am dealing with the same hormonal issues that every pregnant woman has to deal with...just under much more stressful circumstances. I did have a little bit of a hard time yesterday and cried for the first time. We were in the NICU and Perron was crying and I wanted to hold him but couldn't and I felt so helpless not being able to comfort my own baby. It is really hard to have to ask permission to hold, touch, and care for your own baby. I know that they are doing what is best for him and Stephen is really supportive and just reminds me that most people at this stage haven't even gotten to meet their baby yet, so that does help me put it in perspective. If I could have one word to describe the NICU experience, is helpless. You want to be able to do what you can for your child, but what you want to do is not always what is best for them. It is hard, but when you get to see him and see him progressing, it makes it all worth it.

Speaking of progressing...Perron is doing GREAT! He actually had his first graduation today. He was moved out of the open radiant warming bed and into an isolet. It is weird because seeing him in an isolet makes you think that he is actually sicker, but it is really a good sign. They reserve their open beds for their new admissions and their sickest babies. Once they get to the stage where they just need to grow, they move him to the isolet. They don't have to watch his respirations and color as closely, so they can have him closed off. It is actually better for him because it is quiter and a little more sheltered of an environment and he can focus more of his energy on growing. When we went to see him this afternoon, the nurse mentioned that we might be able to start giving him a bottle in the next couple of days!!!! That would be a HUGE milestone! I started crying as soon as she said that because I was so happy and grateful! It is a miracle that he is here and it is a miracle that Perron is doing as well as he is. God has answered every one of our prayers and has blessed us beyond measure. Perron is a miracle and we thank God every day for him. Please continue to pray for us and for Perron's continued success and development.

We have some new pictures and when Stephen gets back into the room we will upload more pictures of him in the isolet. PS...they had to put an IV in his head because he yanked the one out of hand...he is so active.


  1. He's so little and so cute!!!!!!!!! He actually looks really good--just a mini baby but not all that mini. I'm glad he's doing well and I'm especially glad that you are feeling a little better. I showed Taylor the pics of Perron and it made him smile too. I hope you get some rest give Perron and your wonderful husband a hug for me. Love you, Meggie

  2. Yay for the isolet! That's a big step! I'm so thankful that Perron is doing so well and will continue to pray for you all! Try to get some sleep now that you can't help much, because you'll be home before you know it and sleeping very little...
    Love from Blair and me!

  3. Look at the trooper!!! Everyone is looking great and Perron is in great hands w/ you guys! Hang in there and soon enough you will feel exhausted again- but not from surgery, bp issues, etc... from chasing this little one all over the place. We are all praying for peace, strength, and PATIENCE!!! I LOVE YOU! LLL