Friday, July 17, 2009


As a disclaimer...I am having to type this while lying on my left side so there will be lots of typos...

I went in this morning for my non-stress test amd unfortunately Perron failed the test. In addition I had lost weight and even worse was that my blood pressure was through the roof. Dr.Edwards admitted me to the hospital for several different tests and a possible induction. They did something called a Contraction Stress Test where they give me pitocin and then measure his response to the contractions. Luckily he passed that test easily which is great. He looked much better than he did on the office non stress test. The problem now is the my blood pressure is way to high, my uric acid is way too high, my platettes are getting low and something is wrong with one of my liver enzyemes. They are retaking my blood work at five and they have me on 24 hour urine collection. THey are trying to determine whether I have preeclampsia or not. Unfortunately everything but together does not look good for us being to hold off delivery much longer. They are going to look at my 5 pm labs and determine whether my bloodwork is still showing preeclampsia. They are sending in the neonatologist in a little bit to talk to me about everything.

Luckily my dad's plane landed right when we were being admitted so he came straight to the hospital. Stephen went home to get the last few things i did not bring in my bag this morning and he's getting McKenzie squareed away.

Please pray for us. Perron is still VERY small and we need you to pray for his health and safe delivery. At this point there is no way he will avoid the NICU but we just hope he is as healthy as he can be. Please now pray for my health as well. Preeclampsia is not something to mess around with. Prayer that PErron and I are safe and Stephen and our families find strenght and comfort during this time of uncertainty and fear. We love you all!

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  1. Julia,
    You, Perron, and your husband are most certainly in my prayers... and I'm praying specifically for the health of all of you and your doctors that are taking such good care of you. Hang in there, kiddo.
    Thinking of you,