Monday, July 26, 2010

Perron's Birthday Extravaganza Part 2: The Birthday Boy this not the most precious birthday boy you have ever seen.  I know I am partial, but I have a feeling people will have a hard time arguing with me.  Perron had so much fun at his birthday and looked so cute in his little outfit that I had made. IzzyB Designs was such a pleasure to work with and was very patient with my numerous questions.  I wanted him to have something custom to match the party decor, but I also didn't want to spend a fortune because I knew he could only wear it once.  I think this was the perfect solution.
Perron snorting at his friend Shepp
We had carnival games for all the kids to play, but Perron was a little young to play with them.  Luckily he was easily entertained by a leaf.  He spent the majority of his birthday eating leaves and crawling around on the basketball court.  Basically a one year old's birthday dream.
Yum...more leaves.
So excited that it is his birthday!  He was so cute the whole afternoon and really enjoyed himself.  I think he liked all the attention...I wonder where he got that from?  Next up in the series is Perron meets his birthday cake.  I have never seen a child go after a cake like this so the pictures will be entertaining to say the least. Stay Tuned!

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  1. He can wear the outfit to bed at night besides he will be 1 for a whole year and its cute.