Sunday, June 13, 2010

Puttin' on the Ritz

Stephen and I got away last weekend for our first trip together since Perron was born.  This trip was much more relaxing than the last trip we took before he was born...when I spent the majority of the vacation in the hospital.  We went to the Ritz Carlton at Reynold's Plantation and it was absolutely fabulous.  Both sets of grandparents tag teamed taking care of Perron and it went really well.  My mom and dad kept him on Thursday night, Friday part of the day, and Sunday.  Linda and John drove up on Friday and kept him Friday and Saturday night.  Perron was supposedly a doll and entertained the grandparents all weekend...would we expect anything less?  :)  It was so nice not having to worry about him at all because I knew he was being taken such good care of.  It was awesome to do nothing but sit at the pool, sleep and eat for three days.  Of course, as soon as i got back I felt like I needed another vacation, but it was so good to get back and see our precious baby.  We had an awesome time and it was just what we needed!

Lounging at the pool...what we spent the majority of the time doing.

The view from our executive suite.  We didn't start in this room, but the second day we were there a family with a little yippy dog checking into the room next door.  That dog barked non-stop from the time that we checked in, so the Ritz moved us.  I asked for an upgrade for our inconvience and we got a lake view suite.  It was AWESOME!

The resort is right on Lake Oconee and they have an infinity pool.  The bottom of the pool is colored so the water matches the lake.  I love how the people look like they are swimming in the lake, but are really just at the edge of the pool.
My view for the majority of the trip.

They have smores out by the fire every night...they were a big hit with the kids...and the Criglers.

Right before a delicious dinner at Georgia's.

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  1. wow, we just moved to geogia. that looks like a great place to visit! we'll have to keep that in mind in case we can get away from our three monkeys.
    great pic!