Sunday, April 25, 2010

9 Months

Dearest Perron,

You might notice that your nine month post is a week late.  I promise there is a good reason. You unfortunately have been very sick since your start at daycare.  You caught bronchiolitis after a day at daycare.  You where wheezing something horrible and we were very nervous that you might have to go to the hospital.  Luckily you responded well to the breathing treatments and we were able to keep you at home.  Unfortunately, all the congestion from the RSV lead to double ear infections.  We sent you back to daycare for one day and you then ended up with four days of fever (three of those days it was a fever of 103) and a viral throat infection.  Poor baby!  Needless to say, you have been wiped out and so has mommy!!!  You feel much better now and your little nose has finally stopped running.

Other than all of your illnesses, you are doing great.  You are absolutely precious and have really gotten into playing with all of your toys.  You have finally learned to bang your toys together.  You have a little ball with a bell in it and you love to bang it with your little hammer.  You love your music table and try to launch yourself all over it to reach all sections of the toy.  You are starting to really think about crawling, but you are definitely not there yet.  You will bounce up and down on your bottom and try to throw yourself forward, but you haven't figured out how to move anywhere yet.  You will lay on your stomach and rotate around in a circle to try and get to things.  You are very attached to mommy and you want to climb all over me like I am your personal jungle gym.

You are still a great eater as always.  You have just started to figure out how to feed yourself puffs.  Hopefully this is the first step to feeding yourself.  You like to take the spoon out of my hand and put it in your mouth.  Unfortunately you haven't figured out not to put it in too far, and you will frequently choke yourself with it.  You also have started imitating feeding yourself and it is so cute.  You hold your spoon, put it in your bowl, and then put it in your mouth.  Speaking of imitating, you have started doing this adorable thing were you look at us and shake your head side to side like you are dancing.  You want us to do it too and then we copy each other back and forth.  You also are starting to "talk" in conversation.  You still refuse to make any consonant sounds, but you will squeal and then wait for us to squeal back to you and hold a conversation with us.

You lost a little bit of weight while you were sick because you were having to work so hard to breathe.  I weighed you tonight and you are a little bit over 15.5 lbs.  You are still in size 2-3 diapers, but I am about to order you size three diapers.  You still wear mostly six  month clothes, but we just went today and bought you a bunch of nine month pajamas because your little feet are growing out of your six months pjs.

We love watching you develop every day.  You are so precious and are by far the best thing your father and I have ever done.  I look at your and am constantly amazed that we created something as perfect and beautiful as you.  You are the light of our lives.

We love you very much!

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. So glad he's feeling better! Watch out, he's going to be taking off any time now! Then it's all over....