Thursday, December 10, 2009

So I was out of town for work (a NIGHTMARISH trip might I add) for the past two days and Stephen had to play Mr. Mom. Lots of my friends asked "are you nervous to leave Perron with Stephen" or "is Stephen nervous about having Perron all by himself?" or stated that their husbands would never make it on their own. Lots of his friends asked who was coming to help him or would he be able to do it on his own. Both of us thought that these were funny questions, because we never assumed that there would be any problem with Stephen being solely responsible for the duties of the house and the baby while I was gone. Stephen has always shared in the responsibilities of parenthood. He would stay up in the middle of the night with him even while he was working and I hadn't gone back yet. He wipes heinies and dabs spit up. He makes bottles and feeds babes. Basically he does just about anything that I do.

I have thought about doing this post for a long time and haven't done it because I didn't want to embarrass Stephen...oh well, too bad! Me leaving the two boys alone has motivated me and I am going to do it anyway.

I have thought many times in this journey we have been on since Perron was born, how lucky I am to have him in my life. He is supportive, caring, and devoted to both me and our son. He is a partner in the truest since of the world. He is nicer to me than I frequently am to him. He is patient and kind...two things that I am not always. He is the perfect counterpoint to my fiery tendencies. He is calm when I am not. He is levelheaded when I loose my ability to be. He is gentle where I am hard. He is strong where I am weak. He helps without question. He advises without pushing. He listens (most of the time) without instructing. I like to think that I am his counterpoint as well, but I think that he might have gotten the short end of the stick.

I often think that if I could just have some of his better qualities I would be a better person for it. But just as I say there couldn't be two of me in a marriage, I guess the same applies to him. I hope that my enthusiasm, energy, and drive serve as an inspiration to him, the way his kind, gentle spirit is an inspiration to me.

We have been through a lot together in the four years we have been married, and I know our long life together will bring other storms to weather and joys to share. I also know, that I could not be sharing my life and raising our child with a better person. Perron and I are both blessed to have him.

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