Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 Months

Dearest Perron,

Oh my godness where has four months gone? I was thinking just tonight that I can't believe that four months and one day ago I was frantically running around the house trying to get my bag packed for the hospital. No one had told me yet that I was sick and you were not doing well and that I would be having you that weekend....I guess it was my first taste of mother's intuition. Four months ago today you came into this world kicking and screaming and life not been the same since. Your daddy and I look at you every day and are amazed that we created something as beautiful, precious, and special as you are. I know every parent says this, but you truly are the light of our lives.

You are tipping the scales at 9 lbs 7 you are getting close to six pounds heavier than your birth weight. You are VERY long, so you are starting to grow out of some of your newborn clothes in length. WE put you in your 0-3 months clothes and you look like a little bag in them. You have graduated to level one diapers, so that is already up two sizes since you were born. You are finally getting big enough to sit up like a big boy in your stroller without having to be in the carseat. I took you for your first walk like that yesterday and you loved being able to face forward and look around.

We are amazed every day at how strong you are. You have gotten so good at holding your head up. One of your favorite games is Super Baby. You will grab on to our fingers and hold your arms in very tight to your body and want us to pull you up to standing position. Once there you either want to be hoisted into the air above our heads or you had to jump up and down while mommy chants "super baby, super baby, super baby". Every morning when I get you up I sing a little good morning song to you that goes "Good Morning, Good Morning it's time to rise and shine. Good morning, good morning sweet baby of mine." You still aren't very good at locating where the sound is coming from, but as soon as you hear my voice you get the biggest smile on your face. It melts mommy's heart.

One of your absolute favorite activities is staring at the fan in mommy and daddy's bedroom. You are completely fascinated by it. Every morning when we are getting ready for work we put you in your boppy pillow on our bed. Daddy then plays the fan magician and turns the fan on and off for you. You think this is HILARIOUS and will squeal and laugh and smile at it. You also now like to give kisses. If anyone puts their face up to yours, you automatically turn and give them a huge open mouth kiss. If someone kisses you, you turn your face to them and plant a big wet one on their cheeks. Mommy and Daddy love it.

It truly is amazing how fast you grow and what a big boy you are becoming. We have blinked and four months has already gone by. We love watching you grow, learn and change. These have been the hardest, but best four months of our lives.

We love you more everyday!

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. He's sitting up so well! He's grown so much since the last picture. I love your signs in front of him--I have visions of "Spooly Gooly" in my head! Wait a sec, I know I have that pic somewhere----I'll have to post it for you! Love you! Megan