Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grayson 1 Month

Dearest Grayson,

How could it be that one month has already passed since you were born.  Well technically six and a half weeks have passed since you were born, but you are going to have to cut mommy a little're first month of life was a roller coaster.  It is hard to believe that you spent more of your first month of life in the hospital then outside of it.  You were a very sick little boy and we were very scared for you, but you are also a very strong little boy and were able to pull through.

It is hard to image our lives and our family without you.  In some ways it seems like this month has passed in a blink of an eye and in other ways it seems like you have always been a part of our family.  You are such a sweet, good baby.  You are so relaxed and content.  I think that after your brother, God knew that we deserved a little break.  You are happy to be held, but you are just as happy to sit in your bouncy seat and observe what is going on in the world around you.  You very rarely cry.  In the hospital while they were repeatedly poking you with needles the most you would ever do was grunt really hard and squirm.  Every nurse would lavish you with praise and tell us what a good baby you were.  We could not agree more.  You will take a paci but you are fully committed to it.  We will see if that changes as time goes by.

I would list some of the things that you like to do, but bless your heart, you have been in the hospital so much you haven't gotten to do much more than lay in a hospital bed or lay in the bunny seat (your bassinet/bed).  I have done a little bit of tummy time with you and you are so strong.  You can hold your head up away from our bodies.  In fact, you are exhausting to hold just like your brother was, because you squirm and practically climb up our bodies and over our back.

You are a wonderful sleeper.  In fact, most nights I have had to wake you up just to feed you.  You eat and then go right back to sleep.  You have been sleeping right next to mommy and daddy's bed.  That won't last forever though, because you are a very loud sleeper.  You grunt and squirm like nobody's business.  I have enjoyed having you close to me though because we didn't keep Perron in our room for very long.

You lost down below your birth weight during your hospital stay, but are up to a little over eight pounds.  We had to switch you to size 1 diapers while you were in the hospital because you were wetting out of the newborn diapers.  You can wear newborn clothes and 0-3 month clothes, but those are still big.  It is so funny though, because you seem huge to us.  You are wearing clothes that your brother didn't wear until he was 3 or 4 months old.

Speaking of your brother.  He loves you very  much.  He always begs to hold you and wants to kiss and hug you all the time.  He is very sweet and gentle with you for the most part and is so excited to have you here.  We have had to cut back on the amount he can touch you and he hasn't been able to hold you since you were sick.  We have to keep you safe.  I love watching the two of you together and know that one day you will grow up to be best of friends.

You are the light of our lives and we can not imagine what our lives without you in it.  If anything, our time in the hospital with you strengthened our love and commitment to you and reminded us to cherish each moment with you.

We love you more than words can say!


Mommy and Daddy

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