Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two Years Old

Dearest Perron,

How could it be that you are already two years old.  In fact you are two and a month and a half to be exact.  The time has gone so quickly and your sweet spirit and hilarious personality continue to fill our hearts with love.  You have been VERY busy these past few months.  You have been talking up a storm and it makes it very hard to believe that just six short months ago you only had a couple of sounds and no real words.  I am sure you will be graduating from speech therapy at your upcoming annual evaluation.  I was talking to Meaghan this morning and it seems like there really is no word that you will not try to say.  Granted, we don't always understand what you are saying, but it doesn't keep you from saying it.  some of your favorites are:

pongo (piano)
lin (violin)
El Mouse (Mickey Mouse)
Kanzie (McKenzie)
Gabu (Meaghan)

 You will run around, climb up on things, jump off things etc and then yell careful.  You also love to say neato and yummo.  You love saying Hi (insert just about any thing here).  I frequently will hear Hi Mommy Hi Mommy Hi Mommy Hi Mommy over and over again.  You love to come grab my hand and tell me "walk" and lead me all over the house to wherever you have decided we need to go.  This morning while I was getting ready for work you came in to the bathroom and told me to "sit play" because you wanted me to come into your playroom to sit down and play with you.  I was happy to oblige.  You still LOVE Sesame Street and Elmo remains your favorite.  You can pretty much name every single character on the show and you could watch Elmo DVDs all day long if we let you.

In fact, you had an Elmo Theme birthday party at Gymboree for your 2nd birthday party.  You had the BEST time and were such a little ham.  You even were able to blow out the two candles on your birthday cake perfectly.  The candles are your favorite part.  You have had a lot of friends have birthday parties recently and before we go we always practice singing happy birthday.  At the end of the song you always say candles (which sounds more like congoles).  I have to remind you each time that you won't be the one blowing out the candles this time.

You are a very busy, rambunctious boy.  Which if evidenced by the number of boo-boo's that you accumulate on a regular basis.  Your biggest boo-boo to date is your broken arm.  That is right, you broke your arm three days before your second birthday.  You fell running around in mommy and daddy's room and broke your ulna.  You are such a strong, brave boy that we didn't even realize something was wrong with it for three days and it took five days to get a cast on it.  You are currently the proud owner of a red cast that goes up to your should.  In true Perron spirit, you have not let it slow you down one bit.  You still run, jump and climb as if it never happened.   You love pointing to your arm when people ask what happened and tell them "Boo Boo Cast".

You love to read and we spend a lot of time reading the same books over and over.  But even more than reading, you LOVE music.  I have never seen a child love music more than you.  You are constantly asking me to turn one of your CDs on.  You will say "munich, munich, munich (your word for music)" over and over until I turn it on.  Your favorite song is the choo-choo song from your Kindermusik CD and you could listen to that song 20 times in a row and never get sick of it.  In fact, I am quite certain we have listened to it 20 times in a row.  You love going to Kindermusik and your  music therapy classes.  You are the star of both of those shows.  You still love to conduct and always want to watch classical music concerts and gamma and ganpa's house.

Even though a tiny bit of the terrible twos have hit, you still remain one of the sweetest, most loving children I know.  You love to snuggle with mama.  You are such a happy boy and your sweet giggle is music to our ears.  You have grown into such a big boy, and your daddy and I love you so  much.  You will never be able to comprehend the true joy you have brought into our lives.  You are the best, most important thing we have ever done.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

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