Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hear and There

Yes, I purposely used the word hear instead of here in the title.  I am not great at grammar, but give me some credit.  I wanted to use the word hear, because we are finally starting to hear some real words out of little Perron.  He now has six words that he can use pretty consistently.  I know he is not nearly caught up to where he should be, but we are very proud of him.  He can now say mama, dada, uh oh, up, ball, and grandma. 

We have been calling my mom Grammy since he was little little, but he somehow has picked up on his own variation of the word grandma.  He now calls my mom gamma (pronunced gam-maw).  I hear it ALL DAY LONG.  He brings me the phone and says gamma...he points to the door and says gamma...he sees a car and says gamma.  Sometimes he just says gamma gamma gamma over and over again until I cave and call her to put her on speaker phone.  That boy LOVES his gamma. 

He says up and it is so cute because it frequently sounds like pup.  He is starting to get good at associating up with wanting to be picked up.  We are working on having him say it every time he reaches for us.  We will see how it goes.

He also has a huge fascination with all things basketball (he is his daddy's son).  He is constantly throwing basketballs around the house.  He loves watching it on TV and will stand in front of the TV screeching and pointing to make sure you are watching whenever it is on.  He is going to be in heaven during March Madness.  I am afraid we are going to have to DVR some games so he still has something to watch when basketball season is over.   Anyhoo, that leads to his latest word addition.  Ball.  He just started saying it yesterday.  Stephen has watching Alabama in the NIT and clear as day he said ball. He kind of draws it out, so it sound longer than it should, but it is so cute.

Hopefully with all these new word additions it will open up he language a little and he will quickly add more words.  His speech therapists has talked about getting him in this language intensive that she runs through his early intervention provider.  It is like a modified Mother's Day out where he would go every Friday for an hour and a half and have on-site therapy.  She is coming this Friday so we will see when he is going to start.

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