Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day Recap

All dressed up in our out to dinner finest :)

Chillin with daddy after my two and a half hour nap

Unfortunately my head was tilted in all of our family shots.
This unfortunately was the best one...which is not saying much.

Me with the beautiful boy who made me a mommy

Perron with two of his favorite ladies

With the fam

While I realize I am over a week late, I had such a wonderful first Mother's Day that I could not not document it on the blog.  The weekend kicked off with getting a massage and my hair done on Saturday.  Stephen had surprised me with a gift certificate for Valentine's Day and I had saved it for a special occasion such as this.  I must say it was much needed.  On Saturday night, we went out to Chez Fon Fon with my parents and little brother.  It was Perron's first experience in a fancy restaurant and he did fabulously.  He charmed the entire restaurant including the people sitting next to us (who he was VERY interested in).  On Saturday I got to sleep in until 8:30 and was greeted to breakfast in bed and a wonderful new-to-me bicycle from my fabulous hubby.  Perron got me a card promising me to sleep...and a gift certificate to Starbucks for when he decides to break that promise.  We then went to church and over to my parents for some steaks.  It was a beautiful weekend and I certainly felt loved and appreciated by all.  Stephen was so sweet and really went out of his way to make it special for me.  Oh how could I forget!  He also surprised me with flowers and a visit to my office the Tuesday before Mother's Day because he knows I love having flowers to look at at work.  Did I pick a winner or what ladies!?!  He truly is a gift from God in my life.  I am so blessed to have such a loving husband and beautiful baby boy.  Being Perron's mother has been the best thing I have ever done in my life.  I can't wait for more Mother's Day's in the future!  Enjoy some pictures from the weekend.

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  1. Hey, you guys are the cutest family ever! I think about you often, even though I never comment (I'm horrible, I know) and hope that Perron is doing well. And he is! I was reading your next post about milestones and I must say that with a preemie it is really difficult not to get caught up in what he should be doing as opposed to what he is. I only wish I had half of your positive outlook on the whole thing!

    Congrats on such a sweet baby boy and I will keep following!