Sunday, January 17, 2010

Put it in my Mouth

Today was the big day for Perron.  His first experience with "solid" foods.  I use the term solid pretty loosely because the consistency of the rice cereal was pretty much the consistency of his already grainy formula.  Our GI doctor and his therapists had really encouraged us to wait until he was six months old to test any solid foods on him.  Since he has already shown a tendency towards allergies with his milk protein allergy, they wanted to make sure we didn't introduce food to soon.  Apparently the intestines are pretty permeable when they are young and the protien can pass through the lining of the intestines and cause the body to launch an auto-immune response in the form of an allergic response.  I am a little nervous how his stomach will handle it, because in so many ways I feel like we just got his GI issues resolved.  However, I know that he can not eat formula forever, so we are going to keep our fingers crossed that his stomach doesn't freak out.

He will be six months tomorrow, so we decided to give it a go.   He was absolutely adorable and did a really great job.  Please excuse the way we have his high chair rigged up.  He is too small for anything that requires a five point harness, so we have to improvise.  On a side note, I think this is the first time McKenzie has ever been excited that we decided to introduce a baby into her life.  Enjoy...Perron (and McKenzie) sure did.

The first bite goes in.

Hmmm...this taste different than my formula.

But I love to eat, so I will consider this for a minute.

Okay this is fun...for all parties involved.  I was having to fight McKenzie
to keep her out of the bowl.

Happy Baby!

The Aftermath!  I think there was more rice cereal on in than in him!


  1. How sweet! I remember those days. I used to love introducing new foods and things... enjoy!! Great pics. He is such a sweetie

  2. Looks like he really enjoyed it!!

  3. He looks like he had fun. Such cute pictures

  4. So cute! I can't believe he's already six months old!

  5. Lovin the Bama sweatshirt! Did you ever post the pics your hubby took at the game? Maybe I missed them. I'll go look. If not get those suckers up! Please =-)